What about us
Here is an online platform for professionnals of urban planning, land planning, architecture, urban architecture, (landscape) architecture, environment and geosciences...

Open your urban professional knowledge, network and future with a wide range of tools. 

With our selection of websites, this platform shares the most useful web pages about urban planning, architecture, landscape, environment, mapping... We give to each one references, sources, blogs, jobboards to explore wherever you are in Europe.

With the urban planning directories (urbannuaires), we gather directories of institutions, associations and companies where to work if you're an urban maker. Our directories all focus on the urban workplaces in Europe, covering a wide number of towns and countrires where we list companies and institutions, such as in the UK, the Netherlands or in France. Directories open your network.

The urbamap, at last, is the map of our partners [currently unplished, but will come back in 2022].