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Urban planning directory of VALENCIA

The directory of organizations & companies in the fields of urban planning, urban architecture, landscape, environment or gis in and around Valencia.

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Urban planning directory of VALENCIA
Valencia spain jan 2007

Our directory of urban planning in VALENCIA (Urbadirectorio de Valencia) reveals the main institutions, associations or companies in the fields of urban planning, landscape, geografic sciences across the region.


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400 agencies & institutions are listed all across Valencia and its Community within this ebook.


Among them : 


28 offices of urban planning (7% of all listed institutions)

74 architecture & urban planning studios  (19%)

18 landscape architecture agencies (7%)

70 environment & ecology consultants or institutions (18%)


29 provincies & city councils (8%)

119 housing officials & real estate developers (31%)

17 mobility consultants & public transport agencies (4%)

20 offices of gis and cartography (5%)

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