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Urban planning directory von BADEN-WÜRTTEMBERG

The directory of organizations & companies in the fields of urban planning, urban architecture, landscape, environment or gis in Baden-Württemberg.

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Urban planning directory of BADEN-WÜRTTEMBERG

Baden wurtt

The Urban planning directory of Baden Württemberg reveals the main institutions, associations or companies in the fields of urban planning, landscape, geografic sciences around Mannheim, Baden-Baden, Freiburg im Breisgau, Stuttgart and more...


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More than 400 agencies, organizations or institutions are listed in this ebook.


Among them : 


21 offices of urban planning (8% of all institutions of the urbanlist)

150 architecture & urban planning studios  (37%)

96 landscape architecture agencies (24%)

42 environment & ecology consultants or institutions (10%)


24 county & city councils (6%)

20 agencies around economic development (5%)

15 mobility consultants & public transport agencies (4%)

33 gis consultants  (8%) 

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