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Urban planning directory of NAPOLI e SUD ITALY

Urban planning, architecture, landscape, environment and GIS instutions & companies in Sud Italy.

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Urban planning directory of NAPLES and SUD ITALY

Otranto | Urban directory of Sud Italy

Naples, Bari and the sun of Sud Italy.

The Urban planning directory of Sud Italy is an ebook that reveals the main institutions, associations or companies working in the fields of urban planning, landscape, geografic sciences in the regions of Molise, Basilicata, Campania, Catania and Puglia.


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In the urban planning directory of SUD ITALY, published in 2018 on, more than 440 agencies are listed.


Among them : 


22 urban planning offices (6% of all institutions of the directory)

99 architecture & urban planning studios  (22%)

19 landscape architecture agencies (4%)

40 environment & ecology consultants or institutions (9%)


89 county & city councils (20%)

57 agencies around economic development (13%)


24 housing officials & real estate developers (5%)

57 mobility consultants & public transport companies (13%)

29 cartographers or GIS offices  (7%) 

5 offices dealing with urban communication  (1%)

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