Urban planning directory of MARSEILLE

The directory of organizations & companies in the fields of urban planning, urban architecture, landscape, environment or gis in & around the city of Marseille.

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Urbannuaire de MARSEILLE & 13_ Photo Mucem villa de la mediterannee_ auteur sebastien bertrand flickr

Marseille is a multicultural and mediterranean city. With a wide port and many emblematic cities to explore, such as Aix-en-Provence, Arles, Aubagne...


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300 workplaces are listed in this directory - written all in french - all across MARSEILLE and its wide and wild department, les BOUCHES-DU-RHÔNE.


Among them :


51 architecture and urban planning studios (16%)

20 landscape architecture agencies  (6%)

23 urban planning offices  (8%)


 22 local communities (metropole, cities, department...) (9%)

35 public agencies dealing with urban planning (16%)


69 housing officials, real estate developers  (23%)

15 workplaces on public transport (5%)

43 environmental associations and consultants  (14%)


6 agencies dealing with public communication (2%)

7 gis consultants  (2%)

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