Urban planning directory of LYON

The directory of organizations & companies in the fields of urban planning, urban architecture, landscape, environment or gis in Lyon and around.

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Urban planning directory of LYON



At the confluence of the Rhône and the Saône, at the crossroads of France, Italy and Switzerland, Lyon is the second city of France and one of the most attrative places in Europe. Also a great place to work for urban planners because the city is constantly renewing itself.


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The Urban planning directory of LYON (Urbannuaire de LYON) - written all in French, and updated in 2020 - reveals the main institutions, associations or companies in the fields of urban planning, landscape, geografic sciences in the city and around.


400 agencies and institutions have been listed all across LYON and its department - the Rhône - within this ebook.


Among them :


60 architecture and urban planning studios (15%)

38 landscape architecture agencies  (9%)

45 urban planning offices (11%)


13 local communities (3%)

4 agencies for economic development (1%)


104 housing officials & real estate developpers  (26%)

22 workplaces to deal with public transport issues  (5%)

56 environment and ecology associations or consultants (14%)


26 offices in urban and territorial communication  (6%)

11 offices in cartography and geomatics (3%)


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